We’re living in MAC-ville Now!

Well friends, clients, followers… I was out shopping on Black Friday… my trusty Dell laptop, the one that runs the office, had “blipped” for the second time this year fortnite herunterladen mac deutsch.  Everything was backed up, of course, and the blip was “minor” – according to the Geek Squad, it was “…either a hardware problem or a software problem…”  um… Can you spell “Duh?”

Soooooo… after debating for a few days I took the plunge on Black Friday, with a MAC sale going on tomtom rider 500 routes.

The Magas Firm has joined the many law firms around the country running on, living in, MAC-ville!  Yes, a 13″ MacBook Pro now holds everything deutschland rammstein herunterladen.  What a great machine – it’s actually smaller than the CALENDAR I used to carry around to keep all court appearances logged in correctly internetseiten inhalte herunterladen.

We’ve spent the past weeks getting the MacBook up and running with all files, documents, photos and the like… and getting the user… me… up to speed on the hardware/software een app op.  Fun stuff!

So, posts here have been off a while, but will start coming fast and furious now!  So Stay Tuned!

The Magas Firm would like to THANK all of our clients, friends, family and colleagues for their patience and cooperation during our very successful start up wo chrome herunterladen!  The first six months have been a BLAST and we’re looking to take off in 2010!

Today, I got the BIG BIKE out – the BMW R1150RT – for a brisk run around town herunterladen.  Thankfully, all heated gear worked perfectly because I haven’t had time to do the math on the 80 mph windchill yet!

Enjoy the holiday season sonnenuntergang bilder zum downloaden!

Steve Magas

Screen shot 2009-12-30 at 1.00.50 AM

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  • danc says:

    Don’t forget to tap the Genius Bar if you get stuck!

    Happy New Year!

    — DanC

  • Steve Magas says:

    …and here I thought the Genius Bar was a place I could hang out and get a drink when I was baffled!

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