Ironton Tribune reports on Tasered Cyclist case

My client was TASER-ed by police down in Lawrence County, Ohio.   His crime?  “Riding a Bike on the Roadway.”

He was charged with a variety of crimes when he refused to stop riding on the road just because an officer told him to “Get off the [expletive] road”.  The officer ultimately TASER-ed him.  A second officer from a neighboring jurisdiction also TASERed him.  He was attacked with a baton, TASER-ed, arrested, handcuffed, jailed and charged.  He retained a criminal lawyer and fought the charges.  His lawyer did an excellent job of arguing to the court that since the officer had no legal right to order him off the road, everything that flowed thereafter was not admissible.  ALL charges were dismissed.  No appeal was taken der junge im gestreiften pyjama kostenlos downloaden.

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The Ironton Tribune published an article about a lawsuit I recently filed involving my TASERed client.  You can read the article here auto pc spiele kostenlosen.

Bicycling Magazine also ran two lengthy articles about the case.  The primary article, written by Bob Mionske, can be found here

A police officer wrote a response in Bicycling Magazine here Download the operating system for free in full.

The TASER-ing of my client set off a firestorm in the cycling world.  With the lawsuit now filed, the facts will be developed the way they should be, in depositions and hearings with witnesses placed under oath.  Stay tuned for further developments audiobooks to for free!

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