From time to time I’ll try to update you with some of my favorite Bike Links at the local, state and national level.  If you see one you like, SEND IT TO ME and I’ll be sure to add it to the page!  We’ll start with some Local Links


Cincinnati Cycle Club – The CCC is one of the nation’s oldest clubs as it was founded way back in the 1880’s during the FIRST “Bike Boom”!  The CCC is a recreational club dedicated to the “joys of cycling.”

Dayton Cycling Club – The DCC is dedicated to all types of cycling.  They put on some great “big” rides throughout the year programm video schneiden kostenlos downloaden.

Queen City Wheels – QCW is Cincinnati’s oldest racing club.  They offer racing for all ages – kids to adults – and put on the very popular Ault Park Series among others symantec endpoint protection.

Ohio’s Bike Clubs – This page offers an alphabetical listing of many of Ohio’s bike clubs herunterladen.


Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar – The Events Calendar lists ALL the major Ohio rides for an entire year.  Published annually by the Ohio Bicycle Federation, it’s given away FREE at local bike shops throughout the state.  If you can’t find it, though, email ME and I’ll send you one!  As an OBF Board Member, I always get a box to refresh our local shops and keep some handy wie kann man bei youtube musik herunterladen!


Ohio Bicycle Federation – The OBF is Ohio’s premier bicycle advocacy group – and I say that NOT because I sit on the Board of Trustees, but because the OBF has been at the forefront of every bicycle advocacy issue in the state for the past several years.  We drafted the 2006 Better Bicycling Bill that passed the Ohio legislature unanimously and was signed into law by Gov kyrillische schrift herunterladen. Taft in September 2006.  We are constantly reviewing laws and policies, debating necessary changes, and aggressively trying to make Ohio a safe, fun place to ride lokalzeit herunterladen!

Transportation Alternatives – This bike advocacy group in New York City is known for its tough, aggressive and relentless approach to cycling advocacy in one of the coolest, and most difficult cities to pedal through office 365 rechnung herunterladen!

TwoSpoke Bike & Cycling Forum – Bicycle Forum and Reviews for all types of Bikes jdk 8en. Road, mountain, BMX, recumbent and more.  They also have a GREAT Links page for all types of Bike Stuff!


Ohio Revised Code

Finding Ohio’s Local Laws – Municipal Codes

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